Tipping etiquette

How does tipping work in the limousine industry? As many of us do during our everyday lives when we receive exceptional service in certain industries, we like to leave a little something extra to the individual who has just provided that remarkable service. You see it in the restaurant business, in the hotel industry, and when cutting your hair at the salon or barbershop.

You will also find tipping in transportation. Whether it's transporting people or goods, oftentimes we feel the desire to leave a little something extra to those we've entrusted with our most precious possessions and our loved ones.

What other reason would move us to want to leave something to the driver? Well, a driver not only has to worry about getting from point A to point B. They must also use their knowledge and adjust their route to avoid any traffic jams and get you to your destination on time. They help you with any special requests and go to great lengths to make sure that your overall experience has been satisfying.

Limo drivers are no exception. Not only do they have to act professionally, be well groomed, and drive safely, they too must adjust themselves and use their acquired skills to provide you with the outmost limo experience possible.

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